South Metro School District

For the past nine years we have been leading educational student trips to Washington DC from our school district.  One of our primary concerns is the safety of our students.  The ability for our chaperones to quickly communicate with each other is key in keeping our students safe.

Through your generous donation, we were able to communicate the same message to all chaperones in the most efficient manner possible. While we've used cell phones in the past, their use did not allow us to respond with immediacy to concerns or provide such a consistent message among all of our chaperones.  The use of your radios not only improved our ability to communicate, but it also helped improve the overall quality of the experience we were able to offer our students.

Again, thank you so much for your donation.  Your generosity was instrumental in allowing us to provide a safe and memorable trip for everyone traveling with us.


-Educators, Southwest Metro School District

A Minnesota State Agency

With a footprint of almost 500 acres, the importance of communication cannot be overstated.  If that wasn’t challenging enough, our facility includes over 100 buildings which are mostly mortar and steel in nature and complicates the ability of our staff to communicate with each other throughout the site.  Our relationship with Professional Wireless has been a positive one from the very beginning.  Prior to our relationship and the innovative thinking that is the hallmark of the fine staff at Professional Wireless we were forced to accept a radio communication system that worked only part of the time and never throughout the entire campus.  It wasn’t until Mark Greenlee and Pat Green brought their creativity and experience to think” Outside the Box” to solve these challenges, that we were able to fully appreciate what was possible. They put the “Professional “ in Professional Wireless !


We continue to enjoy great service and dependability round the clock.  We have occasionally had complications with our aging infrastructure and repeater.  Of course this always happens at the most inopportune times.  Professional Wireless doesn’t miss a beat and sends out one of their seasoned technicians to get our business back up and running smoothly.  It is very reassuring for me to know that when a failure in the system occurs that Professional Wireless is ready to come to our rescue.


We have over 280 staff that rely on their radio as a primary source of communication to other staff and volunteers in the organization.  We need a reliable and durable system that can be depended on day in and day out. Professional Wireless has exceeded our expectations time and again.  Mark is terrific to work with and is well versed on the latest technologies in wireless communication.  He regularly visits the site to see if he can be of assistance or to show and explain a new product to us.   In over ten years of working with their dedicated staff we have never been disappointed in them or their products.  When is the last time you could say that about a company supporting your business ?


-Safety Director, MN State Agency

South Metro School District

We are a large school district in the south metro area. In 2008, it was determined that the use of portable two-way radios for specific classrooms and school sites across the district would be beneficial for staff and students. We turned to Professional Wireless Communications (PWC) because of their solid reputation in the two-way radio industry. Their highly trained communications consultant met with our procurement team and provided us with a reliable, durable and affordable solution. PWC delivered the portable radios to each school and took the time to carefully train all of our staff in the use of those radios. Today, we continue to use and refer other departments to PWC as they provide speedy pick-up and delivery for repairs, as well as replacement parts and portable accessories.

-Administrative Assistant, Southeast Metro School District

Client Testimonials

Metro School District Transportation Department

We recently upgraded our radio system to include 13 touch screen terminals in 3 buildings communicating with approximately 100 units in vehicles.  During the time we were preparing for our installation, PWC was available to answer questions, make adjustments to our plan, and assist with installation of additional components and features. They were spot-on with with their installation timeline, and careful to avoid unnecessary disruption of our day-to-day operations. Now, several months later, they continue to provide outstanding support, and work around OUR schedule. The sales staff and on-site technicians have been pleasant and easy to work with during the entire process. Despite their large customer base, every time I call I feel like the person on the other end of the phone is familiar with our setup and ready to help in any way. We are extremely pleased with PWC!


-Administrator, Metro School District Transportation Department

Twin Cities Cleaning Service

I own one of the biggest Air-Duct Cleaning Service Companies in the Twin Cities and we needed Dispatch Radios ASAP in our trucks to better handle the high volume of service calls. I first talked with Todd, WOW he is quick! He had us on the books in only 2 days. We had some issues with the building management company where we lease, Todd took control of it and handled it like a true professional. The tech's installation was also very professional as well. Anyone who is in the market for communication equipment for their fleet, hands down best service !!


-Owner, Air Duct Cleaning Service